BIMA Awards Roadtrip | Inside the Year’s Best Digital Projects (South West)

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A fireside chat with some of our 2023 BIMA Awards winners.

When we announced the 2023 BIMA Awards winners, we celebrated genuinely game-changing pieces of work, but an awards ceremony can only ever show you a snippet of the work that won the award. Underneath there is always a much bigger story to tell on the work that can inspire our industry!

Join us on regional roadtrips around the UK for breakfast, networking and inspiring conversation. We’ll dig deeper into some of the 2023 award-winning projects and learn about the application process for 2024.

Don’t miss out on this intimate chat with some inspiring winners, hear the inside scoop on their winning projects and ask them your burning questions in-person, AND get a free breakfast! Plus network with others interested in the Awards and entry process. Who knows, you might hear that ONE tip that can make your entry a winner for 2024! 🏆

Fourth stop: Bristol!

Project line up:


878AD is a next generation immersive experience by Sugar Creative, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Ubisoft and Sarner. This ground breaking project brings the Viking age to life through an immersive exhibition and city-scale augmented reality (AR). Users can explore Winchester and uncover hidden stories using geolocated AR technology which uses, for the first time, assets and content from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

The app and exhibition offer a unique glimpse into a key moment in history—the defeat of the Vikings by Alfred the Great in 878. Audiences are transported to Anglo Saxon England, witnessing the aftermath of the battle and the city’s reconstruction.

878AD expands the exhibition space to encompass the entire city, combining historical narratives with play and exploration. It showcases the possibilities of immersive technologies, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and engagement.

By bringing together history, technology, and entertainment, 878AD offers a truly unique and captivating experience. It exemplifies the power of immersive storytelling to educate, entertain, and transport audiences to a different time and place.

‘Fleet Dreams’

1 in 2 SME Fleet Managers feel stressed in that role – mainly because fleet management is not their core job: they’re juggling it alongside their day-to-day job. But while they find it a struggle, we wanted to show that Alphabet can remove much of that hassle and inconvenience.

Playing on the tropes of the wellness industry, Fleet Dreams promises a zen-like transformation of your role. All the hassle floats away, all the stresses evaporate – and all that’s left is a calmer, more relaxed you, with a fleet that runs effortlessly.

The FA England Football Learning Hub’

The project Zone worked on is for the Education Department of The Football Association (The FA). The FA has a deep commitment to create an inclusive and engaging game for fans, players and its workforce, from coaches to referees and everyone in between. The workforce is crucial to ensure that the values The FA stands by are promoted and encouraged across all levels of the game. Furthermore, FA Education is seen as setting the standard for football coaching and education for the entire football workforce.

However, The FA decided that the previous digital solution — the now decommissioned BootRoom — did not live up to those standards, or the expectations of fans and other users. We were tasked with creating a new learning hub that could cater to multiple audiences and was inclusive of diverse genders, background ethnicities, disabilities, and learning styles.

Speaker line up:

Will Humphrey, Creative Director , Sugar Creative

Ollie Mustill, Senior Account Director, TMW Unlimited

Zone, TBA

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Fri, 28 Jun 2024
09:00 - 10:30


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