BIMA Awards 2023 Discovering London’s Hidden Food Gems

Produced by: Braidr Produced for: Clermont Hotel Group


Discovering London’s Hidden Food Gems

Clermont Hotel Group, home to 17 four-star hotels based in London, is always looking for creative ideas to stand-out from their competition, increase brand visibility and revenue. Our brief was just that: increase bookings through creative digital ideation.

We turned to one of London’s greatest features – the food scene. From Michelin-star restaurants, gourmet bakeries and hidden gems, London has it all. Luckily for Clermont, many of these destinations are right on their doorstep and we had the data to prove it.

The project saw Braidr create a list of hidden gems for foodies that Clermont could use to power their marketing campaigns and position them as the go-to accommodation for foodie travellers.

Braidr achieved this by analysing millions of social media posts and engagements on Instagram through mining user-generated content on restaurants and other places of interest.


Use of Data: Silver

The team

  • James Wolman, Head of Data Science, Braidr
  • Dora Moldovan, Managing Director, Braidr
  • Vedant Pansari, Digital Analyst, Braidr