Digital Resiliency in a Changing World

By Codehouse
11 Mar 2021

Over the past twelve months, from PPE reaching our hospitals to the food stocking our supermarket shelves, much of it will have passed through one of APM Terminals’ port facilities.

Talking on the topic of ‘Digital Resiliency in a Changing World’ – a topic extremely pertinent for all brands across the world right now – APM Terminals, shared how, in partnership with Codehouse, the team developed a platform of connected digital products and communication tools.

These new capabilities have given APM Terminals a greater level of flexibility and responsiveness across 70 global locations to support the needs of their international and local logistics partners, and the impact of this work was recognised by Sitecore, who awarded the ‘Most Impactful Connections in a Changing World’ Sitecore Experience Award 2020 to APM Terminals and Codehouse.

Watch the video.


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