BIMA Awards 2023 Digital Museum of Learning

Produced by: Athlon Produced for: Jacobs Foundation


Digital Museum of Learning

Athlon collaborated with the Jacobs Foundation to launch The Digital Museum of Learning. This innovative platform seeks to redefine what a museum can be in a digital-first era. It is helping tackle unequal access to quality education by delivering free content and teaching resources.

Committed to inclusivity, DMoL has been designed to ensure accessibility for all, promoting environmental education for a sustainable future. The DMoL platform contains a host of interactive videos, motion graphics, 3D objects, and gamification elements which allows children to learn at their own pace and in their preferred way.

The Digital Museum of Learning has a mission to empower educators to unlock every child’s learning potential The early impact has been profound and has fostered a fast growing community of teachers, schools, museums and children.


Education: Gold


The team

  • Victor Woode, Creative Director, Athlon
  • Louisa Graham-Taylor, Lead Designer, Athlon
  • Joe Davies, Designer, Athlon
  • Martin West, Technical Director, Athlon
  • Daniel Yorwarth, Lead Developer, Athlon
  • Katie Strattan, Project Director, Athlon
  • Ranzie Anthony, Strategy Director, Athlon
  • Phoebe Lewis, Strategist, Athlon