Demystifying Martech for Brands – How to Put the Customer First

10 Jul 2020

Could our expert panel demystify Martech in just one hour? You decide…

What is Martech?

A portmanteau of marketing and technology, the panel summed it up as being about the use of technology – but predominantly data – to create new relationships and engage existing customers to produce better marketing outcomes and better overall customer relationships.

Is Martech the same as Adtech?

No. It’s different to Adtech because with Martech we’re talking about known users as opposed to Adtech’s focus on the unknown.

The big Martech challenge?

Martech is incredibly broad with multiple facets. In recent years we’ve seen an explosion of both the solutions offered and the providers offering them – some 8,000 – mostly due to the move to highly accessible cloud-based tech. Throw away the logos and we’re still left with 49 different categories. The difficulty is understanding what they all do and how best to use them.

So, as a marketer how do you break this down to get what you need?

Be prepared:


Macro to micro:

What is the most important piece of Martech for 2021?

The panel agreed that the CDP (Customer Data Platform) could prove the most important piece of Martech, becoming “as big or bigger than CRMs in the coming years”.

For more information on why there’s so much hype about CDPs please take a look at our session exploring their role here.


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