Dan Willis, Founder and Managing Director at Why Digital

By Rachel Johnson
01 Nov 2018

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Champions For Good Finalist

…It feels great to be recognised, and the value it adds to their network is huge. Dan

1. Describe how it felt to be named as one of the BIMA 100.

Being named as one of the BIMA 100 carried a great deal of accomplishment with it. The judging panel are some of the most influential in our industry, and I know the competition is always fierce across all categories. To be recognised in my hard work as one of 12 people in our industry deemed as a Champion for Good, and one of 100 trailblazers in the country confirmed I was doing the right thing in my business and helped to validate the hard work put in over the last year.

2. What’s the single biggest impact being part of the BIMA 100 has had on you? 

 A lot of my work revolves around partnering with Agencies and Digital businesses. BIMA has a high profile amongst many of these businesses, so for me it has proven highly valuable in adding credibility. Being in the BIMA 100 has also managed to open doors for me client side, as “one of the top 100 Digital minds in the country” has a gravitas associated with it, which has helped me win over clients.

3. How have you benefitted from interacting with other BIMA 100 members? 

The BIMA 100 network has been really positive for me, allowing me to strike up conversations with previous alumni to discuss mentoring, partnership and referral opportunities, as well as it being a great pool of talent to reach out to when clients need a service not offered by me.

4. Complete the sentence: I would recommend nominating someone you know for the BIMA 100 because… 

 …It feels great to be recognised, and the value it adds to their network is huge.

5. Complete the sentence: Being a part of the BIMA 100 has been an invaluable experience because… 

…The people I’ve met, the opportunities I’ve encountered and the recognition I’ve received for the impact I’ve made within driving the mental health agenda.

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