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Data was hailed as a ‘superpower’; the tool we’d use to better connect with consumers, to remove subjectivity and bias in exchange for analytical robustness and behavioural change.

But somehow data seems stuck. There’s so much short-term focus on data being leveraged to optimise bottom of funnel sales and ROI that we’re missing out on the true potential of data; the potential it holds to better understand people. We believe data has potential to go beyond sales and create meaningful connection across all paid, earned and owned touchpoints, to better leverage emerging tech and ultimately drive longer term customer and commercial value.

The BIMA Data Council exists to explore how we use data to power creative experiences that truly connect with people. We want to seek out the root causes of the current status quo and build the understanding, knowledge and use cases where data becomes the modern superpower we know it can be.

Whether you’re an Analyst, Strategist or Business Lead, if you’d like to explore how to truly leverage the value of data to power more meaningful and effective communications, we’d love to have you on board.


Council Co-Chair

Sara Chapman, Executive Experience Strategy Director at adamandeveDDB

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Council Co-Chair

Dean Lanzman, Managing Partner, RAPP

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