Content: The Cornerstone of Digital Experience

By Rufus Leonard
06 Feb 2020

Why are content-led experiences so important? As well as being a major differentiator, personalised content experiences have been proven to increase return on investment, sales and revenue, plus increase customer acquisition, loyalty and retention. (An ‘all-rounder’ strategy.)

The real challenge is in bringing this seamless and contextually personalised content experience to life for your customers, in order to reap these benefits. Which is why we recently joined forces with our partner, Sitecore, to host a webinar sharing how to design, plan and technically implement an effective, personalised content strategy. 

Here at Rufus, we have been creating dynamic Sitecore driven platforms for 15 years. During this time, we have seen a continual trend for businesses to take a journalistic or storytelling approach to convey their value, in a bid to tap into this opportunity. 

In the professional services sector, customers are often buying knowledge and deep specialisms – therefore being able to convey these to a prospective client in a way that is contextually relevant to them, and shows you understand their challenges, is key in achieving conversion. This is why we, and many of our clients, see content as the cornerstone of digital experience.  

Combining forces, Rufus’ Head of UX, Vanita Tanna, and CTO, Peter Barker reflected on our recent work with Pinsent Masons  – the world’s most innovative law firm – to outline the seven steps to competitive personalisation and how to implement them using Sitecore.

7 steps to competitive personalisation

1. Make personalisation part of your everyday
2. Aim to personalise the entire user experience
3. Start with what you have and build up
4. Data informed: Identify ‘What’ needs to change
5. UCD: Design ‘How’ they need to change
6. Continually optimise through MVT
7. Bake personalisation into content delivery

Watch the webinar (on our blog)to learn how to implement the seven steps to competitive personalisation. Helping you re-use, reduce waste and engage in continuous learning to, ultimately, drive competitive advantage and increase conversion. 


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