Canesten Intensivão da PPK

By AnalogFolk
24 Mar 2021


While Bayer’s intimate healthcare brand Canesten is available in Brazil’s consumer market, openly discussing intimate health is still a social taboo. The topic is rooted in harmful myths and misconceptions that ultimately come from a lack of education.

Even in the 21st century, women are embarrassed about talking about their vaginas. Especially if there’s a problem. In fact, 1 in 4 Brazilian women admit they are ashamed of saying ‘vagina’. And that poses huge issues for getting treatment. 

With this knowledge in mind, we defined a new global brand purpose for Canesten: to help women to set themselves free from shame and discomfort.  And to firmly establish this mindset with the next generation of first-time sufferers.  The challenge? Bringing this to life in Brazil, our pilot market, to make positive, meaningful change.


Welcome to Intensivão da PPK , the digital school of intimate health offering  a five-week programme that teaches women everything they need to know about vaginas and vaginal health in a fun and forthright way. 

The key to eradicating shame is better education so we’re arming women with all the knowledge they need to understand their vaginas, empowering them to have honest conversations about their bodies, and giving anyone, anywhere, access to treatment.

Intensivão da PPK offers 28 interactive lessons in the place where our young target audience can be found – TikTok. They’re delivered by well-known influencers and experts with specialist knowledge in vaginas, psychology and body positivity, as well as a group of ‘students’ to further amplify our reach and relevance on the platform.

From a sociology class that asks the question ‘who gets intimate infections?’ (answer: everyone), to a chemistry class explaining vaginal pH, we cover a range of vital topics. And by understanding what is and isn’t normal, young women will feel confident in looking after their own intimate health.


You can take a look at the ‘lessons’ the influencers will be posting on Intensivão da PPK here.

The launch campaign of our Brazilian pilot is running between February and March 2021.

The global version, called Vagina Academy, is launching in Australia in early Q2, followed by Italy and the UK, and there will be further rollouts later in the year.


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