Calling all Mentors and Mentees – The next cohort gets moving…

By Rebecca Simmonds
29 Aug 2017

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It’s ‘new school year’ time; a time for fresh starts, reflection, new wardrobes and new thinking.

Call for mentee applicants

Are you someone who would value an objective supporter who can guide and help you through your career development, your business start-up or just your day to day average headaches and opportunities in your role? Would you like the benefit of someone’s advice who isn’t in your business but understand where your role is at? Are you working in a small agency where there are no senior people for advice other than those you already report to?

Or do you have what it takes to be an exemplary mentor? 

Are you someone who’d like to give back to the industry or discipline you’re in, sharpen your own skills, help someone who doesn’t report to you or even work in your business with your skills and experiences. Have you learned some things you’d like to pass on to the next generation? Are you passionate about your discipline or sector and want to help set standards and ignite future talent? Do you want to lead our industry of the future?

If so, the BIMA mentoring scheme would love to hear from you.

What’s happening

After a really successful pilot (during which we learned a thing or two as did all our mentees and mentors) we are taking the learning forward into two new cohorts which we want to kick off for a six month project at the beginning of October.

How much does it cost? 

There will be a small administrative charge for the next two cohorts per person. This is payable by mentees and can be paid individually or in sponsorship by your employee. This enables us to run the matching process, offer guidance and training to both sides and ensure everyone is supported in getting the best outcome from the programme.

The fee is £295 and covers all of the above. Any relationship you continue with your mentor/mentee after the programme would then be up to both sides to agree.

Register your interest

All you need to do is register your interest with us by C.O.P Friday 8th September letting us know:

You’ll then need to save some dates for the end of September for an orientation session in your mentee and mentee groups, which will will send once you have been confirmed your place.

Please email to register your interest. 


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