BIMA’s new councils focus on the future of digital

By Rachel Johnson
13 Jun 2018

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BIMA’s councils and think tanks are at the heart of BIMA’s work, informing its thought leadership and driving the national digital agenda on issues ranging from young talent, universities and diversity, to Ai and emerging technology. 

On 12 July 2018, BIMA will be announcing the latest additions to its roster of councils at its summer party, held at the Century Club, 61-63 Shaftesbury Ave, Soho.

Although full details of the new council’s remits and the complete list of chairs will be announced on the night, BIMA can reveal the four new councils and the topics they will be addressing. They are:

Blockchain – Raising understanding of this misunderstood technology, demonstrating its potential for business and informing the wider blockchain debate.

Data – Improving data standards, enhancing data’s profile within the industry and focusing on key growth topics such as personalisation.

Startups – Creating better connections between startups, larger companies and investors to benefit the UK’s digital economy.

Charities – Connecting third sector organisations who want to be more digital with best-in-class agencies and private sector companies.

Apprenticeship – Raising awareness of current apprentice schemes, supporting future policy and ensuring that BIMA members are maximising their opportunities collectively.

Tarek Nseir, co-president of BIMA, will announce more details of the councils at the launch event.

Our councils are the engine room of BIMA’s work. They are where we take the issues of greatest relevance to digital Britain and apply our members’ expertise and understanding to create real thought leadership that benefits the entire UK. Tarek Nseir, Co-president of BIMA

Natalie Gross, BIMA co-president, explained the rationale for expanding the network of councils.

Each new council enables BIMA to extend its reach, ensuring that we are able to make a greater impact across more disciplines and in areas which reflect our growing membership. Nat Gross, Co-president of BIMA

“We’re working with more startups and charities, so the new Startup and Charity Councils enable us to develop thought leadership in those specific areas. And with chairs chosen for their industry expertise and profile.”

When BIMA asked its members to nominate their preferred councils, Nat, Tarek and the selection team received many more applications than they could ever launch at a single time. More councils are planned, but these four are being launched first for two reasons:

“They arrived fully formed and launch ready,” explains Tarek, “but also, they address four areas of digital receiving a great deal of attention at the moment and building our understanding in these areas is vital for Britain’s digital future.”

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