Winner Produced by: MBAStack Produced for: Solace Women's Aid

Solace Women's Aid - #HiddenAbuse by MBAStack

Solace Women’s Aid wanted to shine a light on hidden abuse.

We knew Twitter’s R&D department were about to launch a new feature – a ‘hidden replies’ button. Working with the Twitter team we hacked into the tech and used it to set up an interactive journey where people could see for themselves the hidden abuse story that lies behind a seemingly happy couple, using the phrase ‘this is what domestic abuse looks like’.

Users then have to click on the hidden replies button to reveal the true story. What follows is a short video showing the hate-filled, furious messages from man to woman, exposing the abusive, controlling relationship behind the selfie.

The Twitter thread then directs people straight to Solace Women’s Aid website and their helpline for anyone who needs it.

On launch day there was a 1233% increase in site visits and during the 3-week campaign that followed Solace Women’s Aid gained 6,000 followers.


While numbers are important, the campaign also created a safe space for women to share their stories. Over 700 women felt empowered to come forward and share their experience of domestic abuse, often for the first time.

And calls to the helpline increased by 48%.

What's been great about the shortlist for the BIMA 10 is that they cover a wide range of projects and messages, and this was one entry that proved challenging, but it is also an excellent example of how the digital sector can act as a catalyst in solving societal problems to some degree.
Stephen Lepitak European Bureau Chief at Adweek

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Team involved

Bobbi Cooper, Account Director at MBAstack
Stefana Stoica, Account Manager at MBAstack
Dan Smith, Creative Copywriter at MBAstack
Stephen Plaster, Creative Art Director at MBAstack
Caroline Deput, Planning Director at MBAstack
Iain Hunter, Executive Creative Director at MBAstack
Mark Kelly, Creative Copywriter at MBAstack
Ben Bowdler-Thomas, Twitter Next
Maxime Derrien, Twitter Next
Alex Siepel, Solace Women’s Aid
Jessie Gane, Solace Women’s Aid
Jane Jutsum, Solace Women’s Aid