Make it Donate

Make it Donate is a platform, API, set of low code tools, and a consumer web app, that allow charity donations to be triggered from (almost) anything that’s connected to the internet.

Once they have an account on Make it Donate, users can donate when they tweet, work out, shop, get a cab, or read the news.

Charities can build products and campaigns that trigger a donation to with a single API call.

Not everyone is a coder, so users can use our integration with IFTTT (If this then that) to add ongoing donations to their digital lives in creative, meaningful ways, all through a friendly user interface. Charities quickly prototype and launch ideas using IFTTT. They can also seamlessly embed programmatic donations into their own websites using our own zero code widgets, or build donations into almost anything using our open API.


Users set a donation limit, so they can’t accidentally overspend. We keep a ledger of microdonations across all the charities a user supports, and batch process their payment once a month to keep transaction fees low so more money goes to the charity and less to the payment processor.


Innovative, yet derivative.

Get to know Make it Donate

Matt and Dave have been making internet things for over 20 years.

As time went by they both felt the need to do something more meaningful with their time and skills, so in 2020, they launched Make it Donate.

The idea came from a daft little invention that donates money to charity when you press a button. It was a pain to build, but shouldn’t have been. If only someone would make a way of easily triggering donations, you could make anything and everything donate. What would happen if you did that?

Matt co-founded the digital consultancy Cohaesus, has worked on over 200 digital projects and products with many of the UK’s best agencies. He is a 2 time BIMA 100 tech trailblazer.
Dave co-founded Lean Mean Fighting Machine. A multi award winning digital creative agency which was sold to M&C Saatchi in 2014 where he became their Chief Innovation Officer.

Team Involved:

Matt Meckes, Co-founder, Make it Donate

David Cox – Founder, Make it Donate