“ We’re incredibly proud to have our work with the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal recognised as solving real challenges, creating new opportunities and working in a brave new way. We couldn’t have done any of it without the support of everyone who’s contributed time, ideas and goodwill, co-design doesn’t work without brilliant people on the ground. Hopefully having our work recognised by BIMA, will inspire others to create inclusive platforms to design with their most vulnerable users.

Engine Account Team

Winner Produced by: Engine Produced for: HMCTS

Immigration and Asylum Appeals by Engine

People migrating to the UK can apply for a ‘right to remain’ based on their socio-economic circumstances or their rights under the Refugee Convention or Human Rights Act. Each year approximately 50,000 people raise an appeal when their applications are rejected. These people often live on the edge of society, with poor social capital, low digital literacy and little trust in government, struggling to articulate their right to remain and have it heard. They meet a complex judicial system which they feel is prejudiced against them. On the other side are the courts, judges, and asylum tribunals – people passionate about their work but with often limited experience of digital solutions and a distrust that they can work with hard-to-reach communities.

Engine Transformation developed a digital service for HM Courts & Tribunal Service, allowing asylum seekers to appeal court decisions online. We delivered the “impossible” combination of faster, better and cheaper – getting an 80% take-up of digital and resolving 18% of cases without a hearing.



Beyond numbers, we helped asylum seekers move on with their lives as soon as possible, while freeing up caseworkers’ and judges’ time and resources for more complex cases – increasing access to quicker, more efficient justice.

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Engine Transformation creates, accelerates, designs and builds the future for its clients. Bringing together 20 years of experience delivering best-in-class capabilities combined to provide integrated solutions as a single team. We combine depth of expertise with a breadth of experience, working across both public and private sectors to deliver tangible outcomes in partnership with our clients. Engine Transformation brings an eco-system view to all of its work, ensuring that, while the task may require a focused solution, the outcome must work for the whole organisation.

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Team involved

David Singer – Principal Service Designer
Harry Slagel – UX Designer
Sophie Smith – Content Designer
Jack Roche – UX Designer
Barbara Clarke – User Researcher
Josephine Fagan – Content Designer
Naomi Grant – UX Designer
Frank Harkin – Content Designer
Ben O’Donnell – UX Designer
Natalie Harney – User Researcher / Service Designer
Derek Palmer – Director of Development