Winner Produced by: Foolproof & One Shot Immersive

Improving training for conflict and disaster through the power of user-centred technology

Our Virtual Reality mass casualty training experience has and continues to deliver triage training to healthcare workers in the world’s most dangerous and austere places.

This product was designed by those who have worked in warzones, for those living in warzones. Project Yemen was conceived from the fact that there are only 4 surgeons for every 1 million people in Yemen. This is common or worse across much of the developing world. Compare that to 345 surgeons per million in the UK. This means that if a person is injured in Yemen, they are not likely to get the care they need and they are highly likely to die.


Our mission is to change that through immersive training, and this is just the beginning.


It's great to see VR training and triage for developing world. Potentially amazing impact and inspiration to use VR for practical purposes.
Catriona Campbell, CEO, EY Innovations Lab

Get to know Foolproof and One Shot Immerive


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One Shot Immersive

One Shot Immersive is a British tech start-up founded with a clear mission: Virtual Reality that empowers people to save lives. They design, create and deliver VR medical training experiences for conflict, austere and security constrained areas.

The One Shot team first trialled their technology in Syria in 2018, before moving on to launch the use of their first product in Yemen in January 2020. Working with the World Health Organisation, the company is now expanding its reach to more regions of the world.


Team involved

James Gough – Founder of One Shot Immersive, James set the initial vision for the experience and used his world leading advisory team and expertise to bring it to life. Since launch James has been tirelessly partnering with organisations across the world to take it to ever bigger and better audiences.

Nicola Batrick – Director of the London Trauma Network and Consultant Emergency physician at Imperial College, Nicola dedicated her time to ensuring the script, protocols and reality of the product met the standards expected of a world leading trauma unit.

Prof David Nott – Consultant vascular surgeon and one of the world’s most well known war surgeons, David is wholly responsible for getting this product to multiple front lines, including Yemen and Syria. Every patient in the experience is based on a real patient he himself has treated over the past 30 years of being in the world’s war zones.

Verity Roberts – One Shot Immersive Product Lead, Verity brings 20 years experience of creating medical innovations for real world use. She was pivotal to uniting the various experts and ensuring we maintained a relentless focus on the user.

Joel Tebbet – User Researcher – Joel wrote the survey on experience heuristics which was used to assess the experience in Yemen. The answers were translated from Arabic and used to create a set of experience principles to aid the product roadmap.

Adam – User Researcher – Adam conducted the expert review of the VR experience based upon the insight uncovered by Joel following the five heuristics uncovered.

Leslie Fountain – Executive Director of Practice & Global Practice Lead – Leslie played a consultative role to James and the project team.