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Enabling the green revolution in the UK through smart charging by Supercharge and Zenobe

While Zenobē’s team knows how to build efficient energy storage solutions, Supercharge helped them build a digital platform that enables the precise management of a complex system of batteries delivering real-time data used to optimise the performance of both the batteries and buses.

And here’s the important part, optimisation is key! Large numbers of electric vehicles require a massive amount of power to charge them. However, due to electric grid constraints, this is not viable. As an example, you simply cannot plug and charge 16 buses at the same time at one location. The perfect solution is to deploy a stationary battery asset on-site and charge it while the buses are in the daily traffic.


The platform Supercharge developed ensures that during nighttime hours the fully-charged stationary battery supplements the required energy that the grid connection cannot supply, resulting in a more timely and cost-effective approach. In other words, our delicate software solution ensures that all buses are ready for service the following morning.

All in all, our solution revolutionises fleet management by delivering a holistic overview of an operator’s entire bus operation, giving them more information to continuously drive their transition to a greener and more efficient future.

Get to know Supercharge and Zenobe

Supercharge is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Europe, according to Financial Times (FT1000) and Deloitte (Fast50). Our in-house team of over 150 digital experts in London, Amsterdam and Budapest are passionately united in the pursuit of discovering and building better futures.

We redefine, diversify and protect businesses by understanding the shifting consumer needs while striking the right balance between bold vision and scientific acumen. We believe that innovation is a team effort: strategists, designers, developers and engineers work shoulder to shoulder to enable what yesterday was still impossible.

About Zenobe:

“Zenobe’s vision is to make clean energy accessible. We do this in two ways. First, we use grid scale batteries to overcome the challenges of intermittent renewables and so accelerate the uptake of clean generation. Second, we improve air quality by turning diesel vehicle fleets electric.

Today we are the leading owner and operator of battery storage in the UK. Established in 2017, we have raised over £300 million into our business, own and operate a third of the UK’s electric vehicle bus fleet and have approximately 175MW of batteries operating or in construction to enable National Grid to transport more renewable power.”

Team Involved

Erik Tollay – Product Strategist, Supercharge
Andras Lonczkor – Prototyper, Systems and Network Specialist, Supercharge
Adam Nogradi – Technical Project Manager, Supercharge
Daniel Homoki-Farkas – Managing Director, Supercharge
Steven Meersman – Founder, Zenobē
Robert Long – Operations Associate, Zenobē
Matthieu El-Assad – Lead Data Analyst, Zenobē

Website: Supercharge

Website: Zenobe