Winner Produced for: NHS Digital Produced by: Deloitte Digital

COVID-19 National Testing Programme - Mobile Apps by Deloitte

The U.K. was in the grip of the unprecedented global COVID-19 crisis. NHS Digital needed to create a robust COVID-19 national testing programme that could scale rapidly and with no room for error.

Deloitte Digital built and ran a suite of 10 apps deployed on 12,000 centrally managed iPhones that allowed staff to check people in for appointments, process test samples, track samples en route to labs and then allowed lab staff to prioritise their workflow. This removed paper-based workflows, minimising errors, and making it possible to launch as many as 45 new test sites a week with minimal training. Test numbers immediately rose from c.5,000 a day to over 45,000 (now over 500,000) and the number of people receiving their result the next day rose from 14% to 74% in a month.



The apps provided an intuitive interface for the testing program, which by June 2021 had processed 160m+ tests, helping change the course of the pandemic in the U.K.


I was particularly impressed by the innovative use of available tech to provide an intuitive, scalable solution, quickly. Empowering those on the ground to do their job well, with tech they understood and instructions they could grasp in minutes. The team not only provided an excellent solution to a seemingly overwhelming problem in record time, this programme is a great example of a journey from 'paper to digital' that can now be applied across multiple areas, improving communication flow, data exchange and outcomes.
Rose Wangen-Jones Managing Director, Marketing & Destination at London & Partners (Judges Quote)

Meet the Team

The Deloitte Digital Team

Ilicco Elia
Charlie Dumeresque
Kasia Zan
Gareth Davies
Josh Dubey
Oliver Binns
Takomborerwa Mazarura
Ben McKillop
Steve Woods
Sara Negro

Plus 50+ other developers, designers, and business analysts without whom this would not have been possible.

James Neidle
Jake Boyle
Tushar Thakur
Nigel Conde
Nick Freedman
Mohammed Ahmad
Michael Green
Jacob Bartlett
Ismael Bashagha

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