BIMA10 Awards Finalist

Produced by: Fjord part of Accenture Interactive Produced for: The Scott-Morgan Foundation


Verbal Spontaneity

“I will lose my voice in three months. I don’t want to lose me… my personality.” Dr Peter Scott-Morgan wanted to find a way to retain the use of his own voice when the time came to turn to technology to help him communicate.

Fjord helped to redesign the user interface for Intel’s next generation of ACAT — open-source assistive software for Motor Neurone Disease patients, originally designed for Stephen Hawking. The new iteration can interface with several new technologies, (eye-tracking, avatar, speech synthesis and AI Predictive text). We overhauled the UI and UX to make it faster, more intelligent, more comfortable, and easier to use.


After five prototype iterations, Peter is using the interface every day. He’s found he can use it for long periods of time without headaches or eye strain. Having now completely lost his voice, it’s the only way Peter can communicate. Being able to use and hear his own voice is “magical”.

The user interface Fjord designed allows sufferers an easier way to control the technology that helps them retain those most human of traits: communication and hallmarks of their own personality.

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