BIMA10 Awards Finalist

Produced by: Agent Academy and Agent Marketing Produced for: Anthony Walker Foundation


Speak Out! Stop Hate. by Agent Academy

Hate Crime often goes unreported because the public don’t always recognise when an offence is a hate crime and many victims and witnesses of hate crime don’t report as they lack trust in the system. This issue can only be confronted when the reality of it is known.

Speak Out! Stop Hate. is a campaign created with the Anthony Walker Foundation to tackle race and faith related hate crime by raising awareness of the issue, encouraging people to report it and remedying the causes of hate crime through a targeted training intervention programme.



For this campaign to be successful, it needed to go beyond the realms of an average creative ad campaign and go deeper into the lives and experience of the people impacted by hate crime.

Working in collaboration with Agent Academy and a group of 12 young people, the campaign concepts were developed by the young people through deep community engagement. A diverse group worked on the challenge, bringing their varied experiences and creative talents to the table. The unique insights from the young people meant that every part of the project from the reporting tool to the out of home campaign, were created with passion and honesty.


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