BIMA10 Awards Finalist

Produced by: Manifesto Produced for: The Climate Group


Driving climate action with a sustainable web build for the Climate Group

Everything we use holds the potential to be more sustainable, including websites. The Climate Group wanted to bring their three websites together under their new brand identity such that it also reflected their strategic direction, and supported their core mission to accelerate climate change.

Manifesto put the environment at the heart of the project, but the expertise and insight required to build a website sustainably simply didn’t exist when we started. So Manifesto created a series of educational articles for agency peers. Because ultimately, the end user doesn’t have a say in how much impact a website has on the environment. So we need to lead the way.



Despite projecting a 60% decrease in carbon emissions from The Climate Group’s website, Manifesto’s team managed to cut closer to 80% of emissions through a series of innovative technology and design solutions. Cutting down page weights by 50% which, in turn, halved the average page load time, increasing the website’s overall SEO and security rankings. As a result, more than 200 of the UK’s trees can focus on emissions elsewhere for the next year.


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