BIMA10 Awards Finalist

Produced by: FX Digital Produced for: The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and the Audience of the Future (AotF).


Dream Online by FX Digital

Dream Online was FX Digital’s ambitious project in collaboration with the Royal Shakespeare Company which saw us combine performance and gaming technology to uncover new and innovative ways for audiences to experience live theatre. The performance, Dream, is a reimagining of the Shakespeare play A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

FX Digital worked with the RSC, Audience of the Future (AotF), and a number of other creative bodies to deliver an immersive ticket marketing website to educate audience members on the performance, enabling them to book tickets through the RSC’s website. Further, a virtual lobby area was crafted to host the pre-performance, stream and post-performance experience in the form of an atmospheric forest environment to create intrigue and capture the audience’s attention. Within the lobby, users took on the role of a firefly that led to the user being captivated in the performance from the minute they entered. Our goal was to help create the sense of a collective experience for the audience and for the audience to also have their own opportunity to shape this experience.


In collaboration with a number of talented companies, we pushed the boundaries of live performance and set a new standard for immersive theatre.


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