BIMA10 Awards Finalist

Produced by: Brightful Produced for: Winchester Creatives


Winchester Creatives Mind The Gap

Providing hope when it was needed most Winchester Creatives Mind The Gap campaign

This is the story of how a group of volunteers helped 25 unemployed young creatives under 25 years old get full-time jobs in the creative and digital industry during a global pandemic and the worst economic recession in 300 years.

The burning platform:
2020-2021 have been tough years for young creatives in the UK. Youth unemployment (16–24-year-olds) saw the sharpest rise in over 29 years leaving many young people despondent, with little prospect of starting a career. Richard Coope wanted to do something to help young creatives in Hampshire and so he co-founded Winchester Creatives.

The idea:
To create a not-for-profit social enterprise that delivered a 6-month mentorship programme to give young creatives the chance to upskill and gain access to mentors and paid work placements.

What was delivered:

  • Brand and campaign development
  • Crowdfunding campaign
  • Website and content marketing
  • Online platform with employability training
  • Online events
  • Mentees worked on client projects

The impact:

  • 25 full-time jobs for young creatives in the digital and creative industry
  • 72% reduction in their feelings of hopelessness
  • £18,500 raised in funding
  • £7.25 social return on investment for every £1 invested


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