BIMA10 Awards Finalist

Produced by: R/GA London Produced for: Google Brand Studio, London


Auditorial by R/GA

Auditorial is an experiment in online storytelling that adapts to suit the reader.

An initiative co-created by R/GA, Google, The Guardian and The Royal National Institute of Blind People. The project is intended to spark a broader discussion, about how the web might be designed more flexibly, to become a more inclusive place for people with disabilities.

More than 97% of the top 1 million websites have accessibility issues, making it difficult for 300 million blind and low vision readers to access and enjoy online content.

With Auditorial, readers can choose how they’d like to experience a story — they can read it, listen to it, watch it, and customise every single visual and audio feature to suit them. So if you’re blind and have sensitive hearing, you can remove ambient background noise to focus on the narrator’s voice. If you have a light sensitivity you can flip the website into dark mode. If you have motion sensitivity, you can turn motion graphics into keyframes. And so on and so forth.



The project, and the Accessibility Notebook that partners it, provide website creators with all the inspiration and instruction needed to build inclusive, creative web experiences.


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