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Produced by: Rareloop Produced for: Alcohol Change UK


Try Dry App - Alcohol Change UK

In the UK one person every hour dies as a result of alcohol and dozens of others are harmed in other ways. Alcohol harm includes mental health problems, liver disease, seven forms of cancer, economic difficulties, relationship breakdowns, violence, neglect, and so much more. Any one of us can be affected, from any walk of life.

Try Dry is the free mobile app from Alcohol Change UK, created in partnership with Rareloop, to help you reset your relationship with alcohol. It is so much more than just a drinks tracker. Initially developed to support Dry January, the month-long alcohol-free challenge, Try Dry is now used by thousands of people across the world to set their own goals, hold themselves accountable, and inspire themselves to cut their drinking, consume fewer calories and save money, all year round. It doubles your chance of staying dry during January and an incredible 67% of people reduce their drinking long-term. Aimed at harmful drinkers, on average it cuts their consumption by 84%, taking them into the low-risk category and having a positive long-term impact on their wellbeing, health and relationships.




Try Dry reduces the harm caused by alcohol and helps people lead healthier, happier lives.

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