18-19 November 2020. BIMA Conference - Lessons for the Future

Join the great and the good of the digital industry to discuss 2020 lessons learnt and what comes next.

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The Only Way to Learn What’s Really Next

Every year sees change. But this year broke all records with one huge catapult into an uncertain future. So what can the experiences of the past 12 months tell us about what’s next? From climate change to Black Lives Matter to Covid-19, how do we take the lessons of now and use them to accelerate forward? And how can digital drive that acceleration?

In Lessons for the Future, we’ll explore the tech that’s powering digital transformation at pace. We’ll look at digital’s report card in the light of data bias and security slips. We’ll shine a spotlight on the ways digital is innovating and empowering. We’ll look at the role we can all play in advancing economic growth. And we’ll meet the entrepreneurs and leaders taking positive action by learning the lessons of the past.


This Year We're Going Virtual

1000+ Attendees

BIMA members are invited for free to attend alongside the wider Digital and Tech Community. Therefore expect to connect with senior digital practitioners from across the agency, tech and brand space, including CEOs, CMO’s, ECD’s, COOs, CTOs and CFOs.

Multiple Stages over 2 Days

Join us on the 18 and 19 November for 2 inspirational days of keynotes, masterclasses, roundtables and our emerging tech showcase. 2019 attendees called it… engaging, educational, curious, brave, motivating, stimulating, provocative.

Meaningful Connections

Fundamental to the success of our conference is ensuring all delegates have the opportunity to connect and interact with each other – making meaningful connections.


Reasons to join us?

Join the largest Digital and Tech Community in the UK on a journey of opportunity and discovery. If you value innovation, strive to be outstanding in everything that you do and believe in digital as a positive catalyst for change there really is no other place to be…


Conference Themes

Digital Transformation

We’ve seen digital transformation turn from a marathon into a sprint. So what has the race taught us about adapting to these extreme circumstances?

  • What have the past few months shown us about the pace and capability of digital transformation?
  • How will transformations of the future be changed by our recent experiences?
  • How can we support brands to rapidly innovate and create the products and services that will meet the ‘new normal’?
  • How can we put sustainability at the core of this work and ensure we don’t slip back to business as usual?

The possibilities of rapid innovation are now being realised. The perceived risks reduced. So what does this mean for brands?

  • Pandemic 2.0: how will tech help us do better next time?
  • What’s the role of digital in supporting entertainment, the arts and culture?
  • How does physical/digital convergence evolve post-pandemic?
  • How do we harness innovation to create new revenue streams?

Data now shapes every part of public and private life. So how do we ensure biases are removed and transparency prevails.

  • Racism. Sexism. Homophobia. Are they the ghosts in the AI machine – and how do we remove prejudice from data?
  • Facial recognition and face masks – how does the tech evolve next?
  • AI that’s getting it right – what are the use cases that show data’s ability to eliminate bias?
Social Movement

Digital has given social movements an immediate and global voice. But with new rules and responsibilities, how do brands and platforms join in.

  •  2020: what’s changed about the way social media is used to campaign and lead mass movements?
  •  Is digital simply a vehicle for activism? Or should it have an opinion?
  •  What can the rest of the digital world learn from the campaign tactics of 2020?
Resurrection of Trust

In a world where misinformation is rife, how do we restore faith in our sources of information and trust in our democracy?

  • Are there limits to the moral and social responsibility for our online platforms?
  • How has the art of misinformation evolved in the past 12 months – and what are the latest developments in tackling it?
  • Digitally destabilising democracy: who’s winning the battle?

As our reliance on digital communication increases so does our need for security we can trust. So what can technology do to protect and empower users.

  • Digital Parenting – where does industry responsibility start and end?
  • Security and Covid – why were we so unprepared for the security implications of the pandemic, and how do we do better?
  • Cloud systems – where’s the sweet spot between speed, flexibility and security?
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Everyone's invited

We are very pleased to announce that for all BIMA Members the tickets to join the conference are FREE. Your pass will give you access to all Keynotes, Masterclasses, and Roundtables. Speak to a member of the BIMA team for your unique code.

For non-members the cost to join the conference is £150 per person.


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Conference Keynote Speakers 2020
Dame Stephanie Shirley CH
British information technology pioneer, businesswoman and philanthropist
Jamie Bartlett
Author, presenter: The People Vs Tech, The Dark Net, Radicals & The Missing Cryptoqueen
Dr. Margaret Heffernan
Entrepreneur, CEO, writer and keynote speaker
Ronan Harris
Managing Director, Google UK & Ireland
Cori Crider
Co-founder and Director of Foxglove
Trevor Johnson
Head of Marketing, GBS, Europe at TikTok
Caroline Dinenage MP
Minister of State in the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.
Sonia Patel
National Chief Information Officer, Health & Social Care at NHSX
Rebecca Roth
Social Media Specialist & Imaging Coordinator at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
Benedict Evans
Independent Analyst
Oona King
VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Snap Inc.

Masterclass Speakers 2020

Kim Lawrie, Head of Creative Research & Development, ENGINE Creative

Masterclass Title: Purpose driven social movement #savethenight

Allan Blair, Head of Strategic Innovation, ENGINE Creative

Masterclass Title: Purpose driven social movement #savethenight

Tim Jerg, Head of Global Brand Management & Digital Marketing, Mast-Jägermeister

Masterclass Title: Purpose driven social movement #savethenight

Timur Bekmambetov Director, Producer, Screenwriter

Masterclass Title: Timur Bekmambetov on The New Shape of Storytelling

Joann Kushner Director of Operations - Screenlife UK

Masterclass Title: Timur Bekmambetov on The New Shape of Storytelling

Nicholas Connor - Emerging Writer / Director

Masterclass Title: Timur Bekmambetov on The New Shape of Storytelling

Amanda Glasgow - European Lead, Experience at Appnovation

Masterclass Title:Alpro B2C -Transforming digital from the inside out

Andrew Dunbar is General Manager and Vice President EMEA of Appnovation

Masterclass Title:Alpro B2C -Transforming digital from the inside out

Ross Taylor - Founder at Hidden

Masterclass Title: Diverse Hiring strategies for the new world

Sarah Baumann - MD at VaynerMedia

Masterclass Title: Diverse Hiring strategies for the new world

Becky McOwen-Banks - ECD at VaynerMedia

Masterclass Title: Diverse Hiring strategies for the new world

Senior Experience Design Lead at Deloitte Digital

Masterclass Title: Building sustainable trust through human-centred design

Llewelyn Parkinson, Product Owner at The Scottish Government

Masterclass Title: Building sustainable trust through human-centred design

Immersive Showcase

We have a very special, virtual iteration of our Immersive Showcase at this year’s BIMA Conference. Curated by BIMA’s Immersive Council it will highlight some of the cutting edge XR projects that are at the forefront of innovation.  You’ll see some of the council’s best & brightest including Preloaded, Accenture & Dimension showing off their projects from some of the world’s leading brands & businesses including the BBC, NHS and more.

All companies will be featured in our expo and will be available to talk through their various projects.

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Conferences like this are really important. This is about setting the agenda for what technology might mean for society, for the workplace, for the entertainment industry and for the education space.”
Phil Stuart, Preloaded