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Meet Your Digital Experts
Matt Northam
Senior Front-End Developer at Redweb
Hannah Gardiner
Account Manager, Loom Digital
Laura Lightfoot
Marketing Executive, Apadmi
Josh Akapo
Co-founder creative agency archtype
Grace Johnston
Partner Marketing Manager, EPAM
Rob Verheul
Managing Director, Graphite Digital
Harriet Donovan
Senior Account Manager at Tommy
Mollie Chambers
Digital Producer at Tommy
Dave West (Westy)
Art Director at Tommy
Lissy Evans
Senior Designer, Tommy
Carlos Domingo
Developer at Tommy

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We are working on Option 2 - we are a little confused as to whether we are raising the public's awareness so that they will donate food or supermarkets awareness.

It is up to you which way you take the idea. It could be one or the other. As long as you create an online communications campaign to raise awareness – the audience is up to you!

We would like to enter the TikTok Challenge. Does this need to relate to one of the options for the main challenge? How would the experts use TikTok to explain emergency food support

No the TikTok challenge doesn’t need to be related to the main challenge but it must be linked to digital and tech. It could be a career, a piece of tech or if you like it can be challenge related.


What subject areas and qualifications do you need to work in the digital industries? What skills and attributes do companies look for? Biggar High School

So in terms of subject areas, if you want to best position yourself in further education e.g. GCSE’s, A Levels and beyond, I’d say a good mix of creative and communication focused subjects are helpful e.g. art, design, IT, and english, creative writing, media, are helpful but don’t worry about going too specialised too soon.

GCSE’s and A Levels are the perfect opportunities to show that you are determined and can commit to achieving a multitiude of skills and qualfications at one time, rather than being an expert in specific areas. I would try to show your enthusiasm for a career in the digital / creative industries by gaining work experience e.g. in retail so you gain effective communication skills, confidence and business management or at a agency / professional environment to see first hand what a day in the life is like, but also experiment with your own creativity and fill your CV with times you’ve shown creativity and been proud of it. Don’t be afraid of showcasing a time something didn’t go aswell as expected, but move forwads with this and show how you learnt from it and focused towards the future.

I began my career as a digital marketing apprenticeship, with a creative background in art and design, but I was no means qualified. As above, use your natural sense of creativity to showcase your skills and personality. Be honest with your experience and skills and emphasise your eagerness to learn. Any good company should wish to help you learn and expand on your knowledge but be able to make an educated hiring decision based on your potential.

When hiring for a junior role, companies want a confident, eager to learn individual who can work with a range of different people and isn’t afraid of asking questions and using the knowledge of others to grow theirs. Try to introduce and talk about your experience or studies in relation to the role you want to go for e.g. saying you work in a restaurant for a job as a digital designer isn’t really apt, instead you could say that you’ve experience working with a large team of people, communicating with the general public and representing a brand / business within the restaurant and in just changing the focus of what you do, you’ve got something to talk about.

Laura Lightfoot, Apadmi

EPAM - Our Challenge Sponsor

We are delighted to have EPAM on board once again as our Industry Challenge Sponsor. EPAM is a global technology company, combining award-winning consultancy, creative and design experience with leading-edge engineering.

EPAM is dedicated to inspiring young people to choose a career in digital. They actively invest in the education of future EPAM professionals and provide special support to those who are just starting their careers. To discover more please visit their website here.

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