BIMA members creating their own ‘meta-forest’

12 Aug 2021

BIMA, the UK’s Digital and Tech Community, has made environmental organisation Ecologi its cause of the year, and is encouraging members to join in and create a BIMA ‘meta-forest’.

According to an Ericsson report from 2020, the IT sector is responsible for around 1.4% of global greenhouse emissions – approximately 730 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent. As the voice of British digital, BIMA has been encouraging its members to do something about it.

BIMA has made climate solutions specialist Ecologi its partner for the year. By signing up and paying a small amount each month, BIMA member organisations can become climate positive, offsetting enough carbon not only to cover the emissions from their businesses, but from every team member’s home, personal travel, holidays, food, hobbies and more.

Ecologi achieves the carbon offset through Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard projects. In addition to carbon reduction projects, Ecologi responsibly plants trees in locations like Madagascar, Mozambique and Nicaragua. As trees are planted, BIMA members will be able to watch their ‘meta-forest’ – a notional individual forest comprising thousands of real trees around the globe – grow. Some of our members including High Tide, MSQ and Anything is Possible are already part of the BIMA Meta-Forest and we are looking forward to seeing more members get involved.

James Cannings, Co-chair of BIMA’s Sustainability Council, BIMA said: “We know lots of members who want to make a bigger impact in combating climate change but it’s sometimes difficult to know which levers to pull to make a difference. That’s why we have made Ecologi our cause of the year because it enables us all to offset our carbon footprint quickly and easily, whilst we focus on the longer term reduction strategies, and see the difference we are making..”

Elliot Coad, CEO and Co-founder at Ecologi said: “Our reforestation and climate solution projects are helping deliver our mission of collectively removing 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year. We are delighted BIMA has made us its cause of the year and we look forward to helping many more digital businesses become climate positive over the coming months.”

“Seeing that 15 BIMA members already have existing Ecologi profiles this new partnership is expected to plant millions of trees and reduce thousands more tonnes of CO2 over the next 12 months.”

Watch the BIMA Meta-Forest grow here

BIMA members can join the project here

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