BIMA Huddle – How do we get back to work and what will the new normal look like?

29 Jun 2020

Introducing BIMA Huddles – a fresh, local take on digital issues?

One of the advantages of being a nationwide digital community is we get to hear voices from every part of the industry in every part of the country. And if listening to those voices has taught us anything over the last few weeks, it’s that returning to business as usual is a very different experience depending on where you’re based. That’s why we’re launching BIMA Huddles. Each edition will be recorded and you’ll hear from people across the industry, each with new perspectives to share.

For our first BIMA Huddle, we brought together a panel of Manchester’s digital strategists, recruiters, developers and founders to explore how the city’s digital businesses are managing the return to the workplace. They discussed how the current situation is forcing them to adapt. And they look at the unexpected opportunities of lockdown.

BIMA Huddles – Manchester Tuesday 16th June 2020

Session Participants:

Josh Bolland (Host), Founder and CEO JB Cole

JB Cole Website

Adam Crofts, CEO, Prevayl 

Prevayl Website

Marcus Hadfield, Chief Strategy Officer, Apadmi 

Apadmi Website

Vanessa Jackson, Head of HR Recruitment, We are Adam 

We are Adam Website

Clair Heaviside, Co-Founder, The Light 

The Light Website

Nick Rhind, CEO, CTI Digital 

CTI Digital Website

Session Description:

Our first BIMA Huddle looks at the changes that some of our Manchester Members are making as a result of the lockdown and what they think is to come for businesses across digital and tech sector.

4-21 mins

Introduction; How has the business been over the past 12 week? Supporting employees and working practices in the office and at home.

21-29 mins

What is the new normal and how are we, as the digital and tech industry going to adapt once the rest of the world goes back to normal?

29-38 mins

What business opportunities have arisen as a result of the global pandemic?

38 mins – end

Where do we go from here and what should we all be doing next?

Download the full video content.

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