BIMA Councils: Seeking New Chairs and Members

By Rachel Johnson
20 Oct 2019

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To apply for any of the roles below, please express your interest here.

If you’ve been a BIMA member for any length of time at all, you’ll know the importance we place on our BIMA Councils. As our co-president Nat Gross said last year, “BIMA should not just be the most relevant membership body, but the body that determines what is most relevant.”

And that neatly sums up what our councils are about. They reflect the latest developments in our industry. They drive innovation and excellence. They inform thinking, promote inclusiveness and ensure representation. They prepare the industry for the future.

Our councils are made up of experts in their field who want to shape what that field looks like. Currently there are 18 councils and think tanks, and we are currently looking to launch new councils, and to invite applications to join or chair existing ones.

New Chairs

Right now, we have opportunities to chair (or vice chair) the following councils:

Our council chairs are already prominent in their field, acknowledged as thought leaders with an impressive track record of achievement.

New Members

We’re also looking for new members to join the following councils:

What skills and experience do I need to join a council?

You can find the specific requirements for each council here. As an example, however, the D&I Council told us what they are looking for:

More than passion

You’ll notice that, throughout this piece, we’ve avoided use of the p word. That’s because we take passion as a given, a hygiene factor that goes without saying.

Our D&I Council is a prime example of this, but it applies equally to every other council. A passion in the topic is appreciated (and expected) but what matters is an ability to make a difference. That requires experience, a track record within the field and an opinion about what needs to happen next.

You can find out more about all our BIMA councils here and what it takes to join us.

To apply for any of the above roles, please express your interest here



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