BIMA Conference: 60 seconds with Maciej Zasada, UNIT 9

By Ant Boyle
19 Aug 2019

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Ahead of his session in our Immersive Tech Showcase at BIMA’s inaugural conference, we gave Maciej Zasada, UNIT9 one minute to answer just a few questions about the conference and what we can look forward to hearing from him..

Give us a preview of what we can expect from your session. What sort of things can we expect to take away from your session?

Because we all know the capabilities of AR/VR, I will discuss some of the less standard projects that utilise additional devices and creative techniques to increase the level of immersion. These include works we did for Nike, Castrol Edge or Samsung amongst others. I will also show some behind the scenes and the process of how we got to these ideas in the first place.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity and the biggest threat facing your area of expertise right now?

I think there’s still loads to do with the hardware. Let’s be honest – VR and AR goggles are still quite clunky and they don’t provide a fully comfortable and natural experience. I also think there’s a lot more we can do with these technologies in the productivity area, so that’s an opportunity to explore. Regarding threats, I don’t believe our area of expertise is at risk. There may be new, better devices coming out, clients shifting their interest from AR back to VR when this happens, but ultimately the principles of AR and VR are so strong that they will not go away. Not any time soon. We’ll just need to adapt the tools.

What one change would have the most profound and positive effect on the industry?

I still have hopes for this one VR experience that will demonstrate a UX that is so revolutionary and mind bending that it will somehow unlock a next level of creative potential in the industry. I’m sure this will happen one day.

Who are you most interested in hearing from at Lessons from the Future?

All the speakers are amazing, but I particularly cannot wait to attend Dr Anita Sengupta’s talk. Not only her experience is impressive, but also the topic of smart cities is something I’m personally very interested in. It is a revolution that is already slowly happening and I believe we will undergo a serious transition still within our lifetimes, so it would be better to know what we’re up for!

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