BIMA Breakfast Briefing | The Gold Standard in Immersive Tech

10 Oct 2017

The world of Virtual Reality (VR)

We’ve all been wowed by VR. But how do we make immersive invaluable?

Our latest breakfast briefing, curated by the BIMA Immersive Technology Think Tank, took place at The Club at The Ivy on 10 October. Joining us were leading industry experts sharing their experiences of taking VR beyond the initial ‘wow’ factor to a place of real, practical application.

Moderated by Karmarama’s Lawrence Weber, the briefing touched on the strategic sense of VR, raising the bar on immersive experiences, how to test VR, and how to align VR with KPIs, so it reaches beyond being an immersive experience and becomes, from an ROI perspective, a meaningful one.

Sharing case studies that demonstrate the current state of the virtual art, Dominic Collins of Jaunt VR explored the realities of VR production. Samantha Kingston spoke about Virtual Umbrella’s role in demoing Easter Rising, the BBC’s VR experience for Oculus Rift, across the UK. And Google’s Jordan Berkowitz explained how Tilt Brush is one example of a tool that uses VR to generate practical outputs, and the tool that began his conversion from VR sceptic.

As ever, our audience had plenty to contribute, with questions and discussions including:

• The relationship between physical locations and digital space
• Avoiding VR pitfalls
• The keys to encouraging investment in VR
• The role of audio in VR
• The space for a VR subscription model

Join the conversation – #BIMAVR

During and afterwards, the conversation continued on Twitter and is still continuing. Thanks for all the comments, which included:

Treat VR as u would any other medium, make sure it’s relevant & appropriate for what u r trying to achieve! #BIMAVR @BIMA @ImaginationLabs – at The Ivy James Watson‏ @jamescwatson

“Devices will get smaller & better. We’ll laugh at today’s headsets like we do the first clunky mobile phones.” >> @domcollins #BIMAVR
Bridget Beale‏ @brdgtbl

Once the novelty goes, VR is still another way of telling a story. Story is the heart of it – @DomCollins #bimavr Kara Šegedin‏ @KSegedin

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