BIMA Breakfast Briefing: International Management, Expansion and Growth

02 Apr 2020

Our BIMA Breakfast briefing, ‘International Management, Expansion and Growth’ boasted top experts from across the country giving their insights into how best to deal with the ever evolving nature of international markets and the business challenges that come with that, especially through the lens of the current COVID-19 crisis. 

Our speakers included Rebecca Crook, Chief Growth Officer of Somo Global & BIMA Growth Council Chair,  gave advice to those who are panicking about their international clients, saying: “I think for me, given in view of what’s happening in the world right now with coronavirus, it’s all about recovery mode. There’s going to be so many companies out there that have been impacted and affected by what’s going on whether it’s airlines retailers etc. and I think that’s a global issue. It ‘s about being a true digital partner and working out how you can work together in collaboration to help clients get their business back on track in terms of recovering.”

Deborah Lynch-Doyle of The Department of International Trade echoed the importance of making use of this unprecedented time; “Use the time well in terms of planning, researching and consolidating your position and contact the DIT if you haven’t already done so because we’ve got tech teams & creative teams with people who will be able to help you plan for the future” 

David Blaseby of Mullenlowe Profero also spoke about realising the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on a world stage and it’s outcomes, stating “It’s about looking at and starting to plan in terms of what the world looks like when we come out of this. Once we hit the peak there should be hope at the other side, and a sense that the world is going to move forward, so you have to think about how the world is going to change and also what that means in terms of your original plans. How does the proposition that you offer as an agency ultimately adapt? I think you need to also start looking at the companies that you want to target, it is something we do well as we find clients that we want to target and we work at which model is going to work best for them so the future planning policy needs to continue to be looked at.”

Paul Stephen, CEO of Sagittarius asked business owners to reflect what they are currently offering to clients and then use that reflection to see if they are right to expand internationally; “What I would say in terms of what you are doing right now (and it’s the easiest thing to do) is really work out what your current clients really want at the moment in terms of yours and their  own survival but also in terms of the business growth. It’s about trying to take a step back, looking at your proposition and where’s that gonna resonate. Ask yourself, if you are looking to go to a new territory, is the time right now? Is there an appetite for what we sell right now? Reevaluate what your proposition is and where that’s gonna fit in.” 

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