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BIMA Bites is a series of short best practice guides for those working in digital and tech. Each quarter we’ll take a different topic and survey our members about it to discover the issues most affecting them right now. Then we’ll share some of the actions they are taking to address the issues, so you can consider taking them too.

If there is a specific topic you would like to see covered please get in touch.

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In June 2020, Apple caused a near riot with its announcement of changes to iOS 14 that meant the end of automatic tracking opt-ins. In this BIMA Bites, we explore the ramifications of an industry redefining move.

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9 keynote speakers. 9 absorbing, challenging and thought-provoking presentations.

If you missed the BIMA Conference this year or if you attended and would like to recap on some of the key points please download our ‘Lessons Learnt’, which features key takeaways from all our keynotes.

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In a first of its kind in-depth audit of charity websites, produced by our Charities Council, we audited over 400 small and mid sized charities. Our objective was to create a snapshot of how successful charity websites are from a technical and user-experience perspective. The results dramatise a sector in need.

In this event we’ll be sharing report’s findings, the implications for the industry, and how the sector can address the issues raised.


This is a critical time for the charity sector. Post-lockdown, many charities will be pinning their hopes on the ability of their websites to drive donations. Yet a new report for the BIMA Charities Council shows that a sector already in crisis is poorly placed to use digital as a way of bouncing back:

  •  Fewer than 2% of audited charities achieved an ‘excellent’ rating
  • 41% received a ‘fail’ or lower
  • 11% of charities had no website at all
  • Almost 1 in 10 had no mobile version of their website


For many charities, the pandemic has turned the issue of income from a constant challenge to an existential threat. As the UK leaves lockdown, the survival of charities will rely heavily on their ability to leverage technology and their online capabilities. So how well is the sector equipped to manage?

In a first-of-its-kind study by Pixeled Eggs for the BIMA Charities Council, we audited 411 small and mid-sized charities to assess how well they achieve digital best practice on their websites. Researchers assessed charity websites based on their usability, platform and technology performance across mobile and desktop devices. They also assessed information seeker, supporter and beneficiary journeys. The results show that a sector already in crisis is poorly placed to use digital as a way of bouncing back.

This event will reveal the studies results and methodology to lead into a panel discussion about the barriers and opportunities charities face online.

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The results of our State of the Digital Industry Survey are in, and they show that agency experience has been hugely varied:

  • Almost 1 in 5 (18%) of agencies have experienced a catastrophic collapse in revenue of less than 50% of original expectations
  • 27% of agencies have or expect to make redundancies
  • Almost half (44%) of clients have had budgets more than halved

But there are positives:

  • 44% of agencies are recruiting
  • 3 times more clients would pick an agency that could show ROI than one that was 10% cheaper.

With this State of the Digital Industry Report, we’ll reveal more about what activities will take priority for clients in the next 6 months, where clients will be spending their money and what clients are looking for from their partners. An essential insight as we all work to recover from the impact of the pandemic, join us to explore where agencies go next.


Now more than ever it is important to help clients and agencies understand each other’s challenges, to drive productive support across the industry. That was the reason for the State of the Digital Industry Report, which aimed to:

Understand the impact of Covid-19 on the digital and tech industry as we go into the second half of 2020.

Help clients and agencies understand each other’s challenges, to drive productive support across the industry.

We have had a brilliant response from agencies and clients and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part. The insight gathered is fundamental to how we plan and drive our businesses forward.


This report is relevant for anyone who is interested in discovering more about the current state of the digital industry and what it means for the future.

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Immersive Guide 2020

14 Aug 2020

BIMA’s Immersive Council are proud to present their Immersive Guide for 2020. Now more than ever, the digital industry needs to come up with new and creative ways to engage with audiences, as well as create innovative new experiences that fit into our ever-expanding virtual world.

The Immersive Guide showcases a series of curated case studies that highlight interesting applications of immersive technology, as well as defines the core business values they enable. The hope with the guide is that it allows businesses to reflect on how XR can enhance their core business and provide a new reality to take their projects to the next level.

Feel free to read the guide and connect with BIMA’s Immersive Council, share on social and leave us any feedback by dropping an email to

BIMA’s Immersive Council

Chair: Nick Rosa, XR Lead Europe, Accenture

Emma Cooper, Immersive Business Development, CooperativeInnovations

Lauren Dyer, Director Of Strategic Partnerships, Dimensions

Owen Cotterell, Director, Juice Immersive

Scott Shillum, CEO, Vismedia Agency

Jessica Driscoll, Head of Technology – Immersive, Digital Catapult

Albert Millis, Managing Director, Virtual Umbrella

Simeon Quarrie, Founder, VIVIDA

Solomon Rogers, Founder & CEO, REWIND

Phil Stuart, CEO, Preloaded

Tom Burton, Head of Interactive, BBC Studios

Rosh Singh, MD, Unit9

Will Saunders, Chief Creative Officer, StoryFutures

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When we asked our members’ about the state of AI in their business, this is what they told us:

Everyone’s talking to clients about AI

  • Some sectors are especially likely to be holding the AI conversation (financial services – 42% retail – 38%, healthcare – 35%)
  • Yet 28% of BIMA members don’t have an AI strategy; and
  • In-house expertise is confined to some areas of AI (machine learning – 75%) and not others (IoT – 29%)

So how do you compare? And if you want to offer AI capabilities as a service, where do you start? In the latest BIMA Bites in association with Microsoft, we explore the AI journey of our members, examine how some are putting AI to work in their businesses, and consider the actions you can take to start or develop your AI journey.

Download the latest BIMA Bites now.

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Recently, we asked you to tell us about the industry issues most occupying your thoughts at present. Then we asked you how you’re facing those challenges. With enormous thanks to everyone who contributed, here’s what you told us.


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