BIMA 100: An Interview with Pharaoh Woghiren

16 Jan 2020

Category Winner: Creatives and Designers

Q1: Describe how it felt to be named as one of the BIMA 100?

I felt honoured and privileged to be named alongside some of the best and brightest minds in the industry.

Q2: What’s the single biggest impact being part of the BIMA 100 has had on you?

Without a doubt, the wonderful people I met at the awards.

Q3: How have you benefited from interacting with other BIMA 100 members?

The BIMA 100 alumni network is incredible, it’s such an illustrious and diverse community; it’s a continues source of inspiration for me.

Q4: Complete the sentence: I would recommend nominating someone you know for the BIMA 100 because…

It’s a wonderful way to celebrate their achievements and causes, whilst encouraging further growth via BIMA’s inspirational network.

Q5: Complete the sentence: Being a part of the BIMA 100 has been an invaluable experience because…

The people it’s connected me to, the recognition received and the opportunities I’ve encountered have been a positive driving force for continued inspiration and growth.


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