Ball pits, selfie tunnels & office gimmicks – Let it slide; what does your team need?

By Dan Willis
11 Sep 2018

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Would you prefer to have a water cooler chat about the latest episode of Blue Planet, or have a ball pit slide that no one uses in the the office?

We’ve seen it with the likes of Google spending millions competing to come up with weird and wacky office designs, new research reveals what working Brits feel to benefit the culture of the business.

According to the coworking space developer, Areaworks, two-thirds of employees surveyed said that access to a simple caffeine kick is the most important feature in an office.

But most importantly, the research revealed that being surrounded by like-minded people, those with complementary skills, and creatives were the qualities which employees hold in highest regard when it comes to being fulfilled at work.

So, before you go and spend a small fortune on refitting your office to have gimmicks like Missguided’s selfie tunnel, or UKFast’s office slide, consider what employees actually need to be better at what they do; that way they’ll get more satisfaction out of their work then the occasional perk.

Let me know your thoughts…

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