Are Apple Entering the Car Market?

By George Crabb
05 Jun 2019

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Well, no, at least we don’t think so. But, you could be forgiven for thinking that, by putting wheels on the new Mac Pro, Apple are competing in the compact car market.

The price comes in at an eye-watering $5,000 for the base level model and add another $6,000 for the Pro Display XDR monitor (of which you can connect up to 6, in case your wallet is getting too full). It’s likely to cost far more when you start upping the spec.

It wasn’t just the announcement of Apple’s most expensive computer to date that caught our eye at this year’s WWDC. There were plenty of things that we were excited to see and think you will be too:

– iOS 13: faster, friendlier and more private

– Farewell to iTunes

– iPad’s own OS

– SwiftUI: better apps, less code

– Catalyst brings iOS apps to Mac

To read more about these developments and what we think they’ll mean for agencies and Apple users, read the full article.


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