Appnovation’s 5 Days of Christmas: Team 7 – Unit

By Sarah Bell
22 Dec 2020

Over five days, we will be sharing the eight brilliant ideas the Appnovation EMEA team developed during our Holiday Hackathon to give you an insight into the creative and talented team and provide the opportunity to vote for your favourite submission! And if there are any clients out there who would like to see any of them brought to fruition, we are only an email away!



Whilst financial technology becomes more sophisticated, with innovative new features, certain groups are being left behind with their fundamental needs unsupported. What constitutes a “normal household” is ever-evolving and there’s a clear opportunity to tap into non-traditional units who have a desire to share financial goals and responsibilities. For example the U.S. LGBTQ+ community represents a spending power of 1 trillion dollars, yet 20% of this community are unbanked or underbanked, with same-sex borrowers 73% more likely to be denied a mortgage. Financial literacy is also an issue with 46-56% of 14 to 18 year olds unsure of what is factored into a credit report or credit history according to TransUnion.


 We’re in a world where support bubbles are being mentioned daily due to the ongoing pandemic affecting our daily lives, but why not create a united bubble in a banking app where you see the results you actually want. As the world evolves, our systems should accurately replicate the bubbles we live in.



UNIT is a mobile app, here to radically transform traditional banking models by being inclusive to all social groups and ages – not just your immediate family or partner. Our focus is on basic banking needs and supplying customers with financial expertise & support, never forgetting the people behind the account. We also want to take users away from being a solo entity when it comes to their money, savings and investments and bring collaboration into the forefront of what they can do. Looking to pot money together for a group holiday or looking to buy a house with your mates? Don’t worry your united bubble can help.


Growing with your support bubble – Improve and grow your financial health with your chosen bubble. UNIT is built to meet unique financial saving needs not traditionally considered in the sector, such as the cost of IVF cycles and adoption for same-sex couples. Be it housemates, partners, or just a group of friends in a financial entanglement – create a joint account in a few easy steps.


 We also believe that money should be a two-way conversation. So, we provide access to a network of financial coaches and a platform to receive guidance from an intelligent spending advisor.


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