Appnovation’s 5 Days of Christmas: Team 6 – Common People

By Sarah Bell
21 Dec 2020

Over five days, we will be sharing the eight brilliant ideas the Appnovation EMEA team developed during our Holiday Hackathon to give you an insight into the creative and talented team and provide the opportunity to vote for your favourite submission! And if there are any clients out there who would like to see any of them brought to fruition, we are only an email away!



In these uncertain times two things have become very apparent, online shopping is a simple and convenient way to get everything we need whilst maintaining social distancing and abiding by local and national restrictions, and shopping locally is crucial to the health of the local economy. However, developing sophisticated platforms to enable online shopping is often unrealistic for independent companies who rely on footfall from local and loyal customers to drive business. As restrictions continue to be enforced, how can neighbourhood shops keep selling to the local community and serve those who are isolating or unable to leave the house? How can we save the highstreet?



Common People is an aggregator platform that shines a spotlight on your local community and reduces the complexity of getting what you need, when you need it. A platform that connects communities together.


 We think that produce and services are often unique to the community they serve. Common People combines all local shops, products, geofencing offers, services and information relevant to your location by intuitively matching local products and services to a user’s location – all from one easy to use application. With on demand delivery and guaranteed collection and advice slots, we celebrate the convenience of digital within a local highstreet-based service.


 Imagine whilst virtually queuing for a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, being proactively notified of the pharmacy open hours changing, whilst discovering there’s a special offer for new joiners at the local yoga studio. Then, being able to complete the payment transactions, update a place of interest and book in your next downward dog from a beautiful and intuitive user experience. No need for multiple apps, account details, or walking in the wind and rain to find out the amenity you thought was opened is closed. Making the mundane effortless so we not only help ourselves but help our local communities to thrive, like you.


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