Appnovation’s 5 Days of Christmas: Team 4 – Familia

By Sarah Bell
17 Dec 2020

Over five days, we will be sharing the eight brilliant ideas the Appnovation EMEA team developed during our Holiday Hackathon to give you an insight into the creative and talented team and provide the opportunity to vote for your favourite submission! And if there are any clients out there who would like to see any of them brought to fruition, we are only an email away!



COVID-19 restrictions have disrupted families, with many struggling to stay in touch with their relatives who live outside of their home country. Sharing emotional experiences and being “in the moment” with your loved ones becomes much harder under these circumstances. It can be particularly worrying that younger members of the family may be disconnected from their family culture and history without these physical connections or travelling, which can have an impact on their confidence and understanding of who they are.


Familia is a platform that families can use to look back at their family tree in a fun way, and also record events happening in the present time, creating their own family history, today! The service provides a connection between family members far and wide, allowing them to create or join a family tree. Once signed up they can engage in social activities with their family members. In this way, family memories are captured on the platform for anyone who comes next to see and explore their family connections. It’s a new and fun way to explore family interactions, keeping everyone close and connected, around the world and across generations.

Familia taps into the desire to know “who we are” and “where we came from”. Famila provides a level of permanence that typical social networks do not.  Rather than throwaway photos and moments that are shared then forgotten, Familia allows you to build your family story through shared content and experiences, creating a lasting legacy to share with loved ones wherever they are in the world.

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