An Interview with Warren Hutchinson, BIMA 100 Judge

05 May 2020

We sat down with Warren to discover his views on this year’s BIMA 100. This is what he told us:

What category did you judge? Rising Stars

What did you find most inspiring about judging this year’s BIMA 100 entries?       Quite honestly, it was incredible to see how motivated and passionate these candidates are. They aren’t simply turning up to do a good job, whatever it was they were doing, they were seeking to have an impact on the world around them. Brilliant attitude.

What’s the most challenging part of judging the BIMA 100?
Making a shortlist! And then trying to find that top 10% or so. It required us to discuss each candidates merits and impacts in quite a lot of detail, but in the end we had clear agreement and consensus.

Is there a common denominator in the people who are part of this year’s BIMA 100? What is it?
I’m a firm believer that you need to work out where your passion lies and what you are good at, if you can fuse those things, you’ll never work a day in your life. These people have all done that, guided by intrinsic motivation and a clear passion and commitment to what they do.

What did you find most surprising about judging this year’s entries?
I wouldn’t say I was surprised to be honest, I know where the bar is from previous years – that didn’t make it any easier though..!



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