An interview with Umesh Patel, Samsung

16 Feb 2021

What category will you be judging?

I’ll be judging the Strategist and Consultants category

What excites you about being a BIMA 100 judge this year?

I’ve spent my entire career in marketing and have always admired the work, creativity and output of the industry. I’m excited to be part of the BIMA 100 judging panel to share my point of view on what ‘great’ looks like and champion those who are breaking barriers and creating new ways of thinking.

What do you expect to be the most challenging part of judging the BIMA 100?

Picking a winner based on individual contribution versus what could (and would) have been a combined team effort – the challenge is how to determine what role the individuals played in making the work a success. Comparing how they went above and beyond to provide value and expertise.

As a judge of our Strategists and Consultants category, what specific elements will you be looking for amongst this year’s nominees?

How the individuals turned data/insights into actionable outputs that shaped the outcome of the project. What barriers and conflict the individuals overcame to ensure that they were positioned as a core contributor.

Ahead of judging, what expectations do you hold about this year’s BIMA 100?

It’s been a super challenging year for everyone, so I think this year’s BIMA 100 will provide greater depth, grit and challenger-spirit given all the circumstances we’ve been facing.


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