An interview with Ingrid Olmesdahl, Microsoft

17 Feb 2021

What category will I be judging this year?

I’ll be judging the tech Trail Blazers category.

What excites me about being a BIMA judge this year?

Being a BIMA judge this year first of all being a judge in any year is a great privilege and honor.
But I think given the year that we’ve had it’s all the more important to recognize people this year that
have gone above and beyond to achieve great results. This really makes it special to be judge this year.

What do you expect to be your most challenging part of judging?

My most challenging parts of the judging is likely to be that these entries are for individuals and really about people who are making an amazing difference to the industry. Having judged awards where it’s looking at companies or work, that’s a little bit removed. No doubt judging individuals and judging in such an exciting category is really going to be the hardest part.

As a judge of the Tech Trail Blazers category, which specific elements will you be looking for amongst this year’s nominees?

So the things I’ll really be looking for amongst the nominees this year is innovation and a positive impact on the world. I know this isn’t a social impact category but I really believe that to be a true trailblazer, we need to also have a positive impact on the world. And of course, someone that is unique and different

Ahead of judging what, what do you hold about this year’s BIMA 100?

I think this year’s BIMA100 is going to be the best year that we’ve ever had. But also I think the most diverse year that we’ve ever had, traditionally top performers would be in the list but given the crazy year we have had, I expect to see some new and exciting superstars.


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