An interview with Claire Selby, BIMA 100 Judge

05 May 2020

We sat down with Claire to discover her views on this year’s BIMA 100. This is what she told us:

What did you judge? Students and Apprentices

What did you find most inspiring about judging this year’s BIMA 100 entries?
The sheer length and breadth of talent on show, a real varied mix of skill sets, levels and passions. It was also lovely to read the nominations and how valued each nominee was by the company or institution.

What’s the most challenging part of judging the BIMA 100?
Making decisions, all the finalists were so varied it was hard to set a bar, also not all of the work was on show/visible.

Is there a common denominator in the people who are part of this year’s BIMA 100? What is it?
All exhibiting professional competencies whilst still studying and making a positive difference

What did you find most surprising about judging this year’s entries? 
The small number of entries!


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