A sit down with… Julia Arenson: BIMA 100

06 Apr 2021

In the run up to BIMA100 awards of 2021, we decided to have a conversation with some of the judges of this years nominees about what they think of the array of talent that we are showcasing this time around.

Jaine is judging this year’s Client Services and Project Management category.


What is your favourite part of being a judge for BIMA 100?

Taking the time out with peers to discuss and debate our future talent.


What did you find most inspiring about judging this year’s BIMA 100 entries?

I thought that the calibre of nominees was outstanding and made for some very interesting debate. I was also inspired by the other judges and how passionately they spoke about their choices.


Do you see any similarities amongst this year’s entries?

I think that the similarities between the top nominees was that they didn’t only excel in their performance, but went above and beyond in their behaviours and supporting people and the community around them.


What is an important message or lesson that could be taken from BIMA 100?

There is a huge opportunity to shine, but it’s up to the individual to grasp that and make it their own


Did anything interest you or surprise you about this year’s entries?

I was surprised and inspired by how many people supported and drove programs outside of their day to day work, especially is such a difficult year.


Particularly in light of the current situation, why does the BIMA 100 matter?

BIMA is helping us champion who are doing things differently, and particularly in the current situation, we need people who can do things in new ways.

To find out who made the final BIMA 100 2021 list please join us here.


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