A sit down with… Jaine Sykes: BIMA 100

06 Apr 2021

In the run up to BIMA100 awards of 2021, we decided to have a conversation with some of the judges of this years nominees about what they think of the array of talent that we are showcasing this time around.

Jaine is judging this year’s Strategists & Consultants category.


What is your favourite part of being a judge for BIMA 100?

I loved reading about all these brilliant people who had done outstanding things, especially during an unprecedented year.

Do you see any similarities amongst this year’s entries?

Yes! There were many who had gone above and beyond their usual roles in order to support the nation’s response to the pandemic. It was really heartening to see how the digital and media industries have had such an integral role in that fight.

Particularly in light of the current situation, why does the BIMA 100 matter?

The situation has been incredibly challenging for us all, and some more than others. But sometimes through adversity comes opportunity and that is never more relevant than today.


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