A Developer’s Experience: Sitecore 10 Docker Containers and Kubernetes

By Codehouse
26 Feb 2021

When Sitecore 10 was released, it was great to discover that Docker and Kubernetes technologies support the deployment of Sitecore solutions in containers.

The most common challenge when onboarding a new customer on the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) is the preparation of the vanilla set-up and cloud integration with its respective deployment/release pipelines.

Even if you have a template or blueprint process, configuration can be a challenge, as you’ll have the onboarding of new developers spending time setting up the solution locally, as well as member rotation if it’s a dynamic team. This will affect delivery.

Deploying Sitecore XP in Docker containers helps sync the process. It ensures everyone understands how the release is going to work in a production environment starting from the development phase, so there’s almost no difference between environments.

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