£34 Million and Counting: How BIMA Experts Are Supporting UK Digital Business

16 Feb 2021

Data. Marketing. Creative. Tech. Ask the digital companies that form BIMA’s community about any of them and there’ll be no shortage of insight and expertise. But there’s more to growing a  digital business than creative skill or technical know-how. So for the knowledge that BIMA members need but typically don’t possess in-house, BIMA has partnered with a panel of experts that has already delivered millions of pounds of businesses benefits.

BIMA Experts provide legal, accountancy, R&D expertise and more. They help BIMA member businesses grow, transform or expand overseas. They include:

Speaking about the partnership with ForrestBrown, Holly Hall, MD at BIMA said, “From a financial perspective, [the partnership] has proven very valuable. Over 70 of our members have claimed back a significant amount of revenue through the R&D incentive: over £34 million at this point.”

Forrest Brown

Moore Kingston Smith is delighted to be named as a BIMA expert,” said Esther Carder, Partner at Moore Kingston Smith and BIMA treasurer. “As leading accountants and advisers to the digital sector, we understand the challenges that businesses face and are focused on helping our clients effectively manage risks, build revenues, and improve performance and enterprise value. We are also able to help businesses achieve their international aspirations by calling on our member firms and colleagues within our international network – Moore Global”.

Moore Kingston Smith

Andy Moseby at Deloitte Legal, sees the real potential in the partnership. “We’ve been able to bring legal services expertise in commercial technology, corporate, employment, data protection, disputes, IP and financial regulation across the digital sector to Deloitte, and combine that with Deloitte’s existing services in advisory, technology, consultancy and managed services.  The unified business is focussed on helping businesses to operate successfully and digitally, combining deep legal knowledge with world-leading service provision and project management skills.  We’re thrilled to be able to join forces with BIMA to help its members thrive in the digital world.”

Deloitte Legal

After 15 years of developing our unique ecosystem we’re proud to be the industry leader when it comes to business development for agencies and tech businesses. We get a buzz from the successful relationships that we create and the growth that comes with it. We’ve also now positioned ourselves as the disruptive intermediary in the market, specialising in digital and all that falls under that banner. Our Virtual Marketplace Forums for brand and agencies have also become the UK’s number 1 source of new business.

With digital and tech at the core of progress, in fact, at the core of almost everything, partnering with BIMA as their Expert in New Business and PR just makes sense. We look forward to delivering our masterclass later in the year and getting to know those members that we don’t already, helping them on their growth journeys.”


Co:definery’s Robin Bonn emphasises the growing need for transformation and progressive leadership in digital companies. “In such a crowded and dynamic market, sustainable growth increasingly relies on speed of adaptation. Working alongside Curve as BIMA Experts, we can help members identify, prioritise and embed the changes they need to stand out, innovate more and outmanoeuvre their competition.”

Curve & Co:definery

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