3 Steps to a Digital Content Plan that Works

By Codehouse
13 Nov 2020

In today’s world, there’s a myriad of digital content types at a marketer’s disposal – social media, landing pages, videos, infographic, blog posts, email, case studies, downloadable guides, podcasts, vlogs. And the list continues to grow each year, content with which to engage, educate, and influence customers to buy your products or services.

But this abundance of digital content types also provides marketing teams with a dilemma, and it demands answers to many questions.

What sounds simple in words – creating content to attract, engage, and convert customers – suddenly becomes a huge challenge, one that can soon overwhelm even the best marketer.

As with every aspect of marketing, you need to take a step back, breathe, and work out your content creation.

To help, check out our 3 Steps to a Digital Content Plan that Works.


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