100 Voices – Worth Shouting About

03 Jul 2021

With the launch of BIMA 100 voices, we’re celebrating the brilliant, diverse tech talent that doesn’t always get its voice heard.

If you stayed up to date with the announcement of this year’s BIMA 100 you’ll know that our brilliant century isn’t only composed of leaders, founders and changemakers  – just as important are the people who are joining the list for the first time. They might be our Rising Stars and Students and Apprentices. They might also be Creatives and Designers or Tech Traiblazers who’ve been quietly delivering brilliance for years without ever having anyone to trumpet their achievements for them.

Which got us thinking.

Introducing BIMA 100 Voices

Our 100 voices project takes its inspiration from this year’s BIMA 100, from people like Prentice Whitlow, who has made a truly impressive journey from being a dancer and choreographer to creating an augmented reality game that removes the barriers of play to enable anyone to enjoy the experience.

Then there’s Joanne Kushner, who has been working with acclaimed movie director Timur Bekmambetov to develop Screenlife, which explores new filmmaking methods that make the film industry more inclusive, diverse and accessible to those who wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to work in film.

They’re inspirational people. But we know they are far from the only ones. Every day, people across the digital and tech sectors are quietly getting on with revolutionising the world. We’d like more people to know about them.

That’s what BIMA 100 Voices is all about and together with Little Black Book (LBB) we’ll be publishing enlightening conversations with these inspiring people.

Giving brilliance a voice

Throughout this year, we’d like to celebrate the people who don’t usually enjoy their share of the spotlight. We want to showcase diverse thinking, powerful execution and inspirational ideas.

We know many of the people who might be ideal candidates for BIMA 100 Voices are not people who typically enjoy the limelight. They are, perhaps, the last ones to put themselves forward for such a project.

But before you decided this isn’t for you, could we make a plea? Many of the world’s best digital and tech minds work in Britain yet our digital skills gap continues to widen. To close it again, we need more people to feel that this is an industry for them. We need them to see that people like them are forging brilliant careers doing valuable work. By sharing your story, you really could help inspire the next generation.

So let’s shout about the people who are making this business tick by showcasing their work and their story. If you fit the bill – or if you know someone who does – please get in touch at rachel@bima.co.uk


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