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Posted by Nadine Pierce

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Differentiate or Die; how do you tell your client your new future?

Under discussion

What was your agency like 10 years ago? What did you do? What did your clients value? How did you get in the room? Where did you make your revenue? Why did clients choose you over the competition?

What has been the biggest change? Was it by design or by demand?

If you have worked in the agency world for the last 15 years or more, you will have experienced massive change – whether you started in digital or not. We have all participated in Google evolving from a Noun to a Verb and it has affected us in many ways.

DAC began life in North America 45 years ago selling offline directory listings. 21 years ago, our CEO had a vision to pivot out of that space and into digital in a way that makes DAC both compelling in its modern approach and unique amongst other agencies.

Clients are always challenging their agencies to deliver ‘the next big thing’. But as an agency, how do we keep clients on board with our internal changes / pivots so that we stay at the forefront of our industries? What near misses and what lessons (good or bad) learnt from small evolutions of agency business through to major pivots.

About the Roundtable format

If you are the head of your client services or account management team in the creative digital space please join us on 11th October at 0830 for the latest breakfast in the CSD breakfast series for an off-the-record round table meeting held under Chatham House Rules.

The session will be opened by Emma Lauchlan, Director of Client Strategy, DAC Group. The format is for everyone around the table to share their experiences, challenges and success stories.

How to be involved

This event is for BIMA members. Numbers for the breakfast are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come basis. In the first instance we will limit it to one place per company. If you are not a BIMA member please. contact

Held under Chatham House Rules, the breakfast is free to BIMA members and is only for CSD and Heads of Account Management (or equivalent) in digital agencies.


Emma Lauchlan, Director of Client Strategy, DAC Group.


Thu, 11 Oct 2018
07:30 - 09:00



15 Queen Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1JE



Nadine Pierce

Nadine has been organising BIMA events and growing our strong community in Scotland since 2012. Edinburgh based and with a background in online and agency marketing, she is currently freelancing while studying an MSc in Gastronomy.

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